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June 25
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Heat-Haze || Kazumi Miu by NayukiMarcia Heat-Haze || Kazumi Miu by NayukiMarcia
:iconheat-haze: I hope I got accepted-- 


Full name Kazumi Miu

Nickname Miu, Kazumiu

Age 12 years old

Gender Female

Height & weight 147 cm & 37 kg

Occupation Student

Nationality Japanese

Sweet | Caring | Shy | Naive | Timid | Clumsy |
Miu seems to be a timid girl at first, but the more people know her, she is actually a sweet and caring girl. Miu talks in a third person, calling herself with her own name, Miu, instead of using "I", "my", etc. She always bring her hand puppet anywhere, which she calls Mineko. B
esides her naive personality, she actually have another personality, which is actually her eye power. Her other self, which only appears sometimes in front of something or someone she hates, is a blunt and selfish girl.

    Ability level
Multiple Eyes || E.A. LEVEL:Bullet; Blue Bullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; Black

Her eye power enables her to not only alter their personality, but also her whole appearance, which could make others think that she is a different person. Each of her personalities don't share the same memories, they each are different individuals, so if her real self meets a person, her other self will not remember of meeting that person. However, she can communicate with her other personality, which allows her to share informations with each other. She could only use her eye ability for maximum 30 minutes, using her ability more than 30 minutes will cause her to suffer a strong headache and even amnesia. 
Her level 1 eye power only allows her to alter her personality for maximum 5 minutes, but can't alter her appearance. She still could communicate with her other self, but only when she is alone (example: alone in the toilet or in a room) or in her dreams when she is sleeping. Using her eye power more than 5 minutes could still lead her to suffer strong headache but not amnesia.

Miu is the only child of the Kazumi family, her life was normal until some of her elementary school friends bullied her. She only wanted to help her friend that was being bullied, but got bullied herself instead. She couldn't tell her parents about her being bullied since the bullies threatened her that if she tell them, they will bully her friend again. From time to time, her grades become lower due to her not being able to concentrate at school because of he bullies, and her parents was upset with her because of her grades. 
Eventually, due to Miu's low grades, her parents were called by the school. Her parents scolded her along the way to her school. Her father then lost his focus on driving the car and didn't notice the red light, and a car accident happened which killed both of her parents, leaving her alone. She is then taken care by the Nakahara family, her mother's brother's family and transferred schools to the same school as her cousin's (her mother's brother's son which is older than her) school. She is very depressed but acts normal in front of her new family since she doesn't want to be a burden to them. 
"It's my fault- If I didn't get low grades in the first place, this will not happen- Wait. The bullies are the one who is in fault. But still- If I am stronger to fight back those bullies, this will not happen- Why can't I be stronger back then, why can't I fight them back?! Why-?! .......I want to be a stronger person. I want to be able to express what I feel but--"

"Have you heard? Apparently, somewhere in this city, you can fix back your biggest regret." she heard her classmate whispering to each other. Hearing those rumours, she became curious, "There might be a chance to bring them back, to rewind the time." she thought, and began to search for what her classmates called "Heat-Haze Zones". Telling her family that she is going to play in her friend's house, she search for it, and eventually ran into it several times and receive her eye ability. 

✖ She like sweets and bubble drinks
✖ Her favorite color is beige
✖ She considers her cousin, the son of her mother's brother, Shiki Nakahara, as her own big brother
✖ She got her hand puppet from Shiki on her 10th birthday
✖ She called her other self "Mineko", the same name as her cat hand puppet
✖ She like animals
✖ She doesn't really like bugs and insects tho

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My OC is twelve and yours is too....WOW
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